Caldo Burning Bars

The Caldo burning bar was designed to assist steel mill operators and heavy industries in the time consuming task of burning and processing scrap, concrete, cast iron, copper, nickel, stainless refractories and other ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The Caldo burning bar will effectively perform the following operations:

Clean spills and overpours from and around equipment.
Cut scrap.
Cut ladle skulls.
Clean spills from blast furnace and continuous casters.
Cut refractories in the furnace lining.
Burn tap holes.
Any burning operation where slag, dirt, brick, non-ferrous or ferrous materials are found.

Standard single wall burning bars are available in .625" O.D. with plain ends and .6875" O.D. with plain or expanded ends. Both in 10' 6" lengths.

The most versatile burning bars available...cuts all types of metals and concrete.


Please Note:
Product specifications are subject to change